bathroom underfloor heatingWarm bathroom floors are a luxury that is not difficult to obtain with an underfloor heating system like the Nuheat Cable System or other underfloor heating options. It’s a great thing to add to any bathroom renovation and it’s easy to install. First you’ll plan out the installation, then run the heating cable along the subfloor. Once everything is secure, you’ll cover everything with a floor leveler like ARDEX Liquid BackerBoard, and finally you’ll be ready to lay your new flooring.

Here is an overview of how to add the Nuheat cables to the bathroom floor. In cold climates, especially if you have a basement bathroom, you’ll definitely want to have the floor heated so it’s comfortable, especially if it’s the only source of heat. So here’s some tips on adding the loose Nuheat cables and also self-level the floor.

The first thing you need to do is drill the holes for the cable guides. This Nuheat system comes with cable guides, and you have to use a hammer drill and a masonry bit. Now, hammer drills are very affordable; you can pick one up at your local hardware store for like fifty-some bucks, and the masonry bit is going to be only a few dollars as well. You want to position your cable guides one to six inches away from the walls and any furniture in the bathroom, like the vanity or any closet doors. The cable guides should also be six inches away from the toilet flange so that the Nuheat doesn’t melt the wax ring. Follow the package instructions for securing the cable guides. 

The next step is to prime the concrete for the floor leveler. We recommend that you use the primer that is of the same name brand as the floor leveler, to make sure that your floor will be properly primed. You’ll be doing this priming before adding the Nuheat cables. After that, you’ll fish the Nuheat cable wires and the floor sensor up to the electrical box that’s in the wall. Then you will add the Nuheat wire every three studs, again, keeping it six inches away from the toilet flange. Once the cable is laid, you can add the floor sensor probe. It should be evenly spaced between the wires and not near a heating source, and that’s super important to remember.

Clean the floors once the cables and floor sensor probe are in place, before adding the floor leveler. In addition, you want to install foam along the perimeter of the room to ensure that you have a gap and expansion and contraction joint between the floor leveler and the walls. Finally, before you add the floor leveler, it’s critical to test the wires per the Nuheat directions. It may seem like an easy step to skip, but it’s important to follow those directions to a tee so that you can maintain their warranty and prevent any headaches later in case of malfunction. Once you’ve ensured that everything is installed correctly and the meter readings are correct, you can pour your floor leveler. You want to mix the floor leveler per the directions; that’s super important if you want the floor leveler to perform the way that it’s supposed to perform.

Heated bathroom floors are simple to install and are a great addition to your bathroom remodel. Follow the simple directions included in the Nuheat Cable System kit and enjoy luxurious warm floors in the winter.

Bathroom Floor Heating with Nuheat Cables
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