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If you are considering having underfloor heating installed in your home, you are making an extremely sensible choice. It truly is a very energy efficient method of heating your home and will make your home a particularly attractive option with regard to prospective house hunters in the future.



Below are simply just some of the main advantages of this type of underfloor heating system:

Overall Performance

If you would like to warm up your home quickly, underfloor heating is a very good idea. You can choose between warm water (wet) systems or electrical.

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The Aesthetic Appeal

With a heating system below the floor, you don’t need to think about decorating your way around radiators. Get more information on Underfloor Heating Companies In Manchester.


If you install your heating system below the floor, you are able to enjoy greater comfort that your little ones will stay protected from heated wall mounted radiators and pointy edges.

Ease Of Installation

It may sound like a big job but if you make sure you work with knowledgeable and qualified professional installation experts, having this type of heating system installed beneath the floorboards is in fact pretty easy.



Do not forget that one of the crucial reasons for purchasing underfloor heating is to have the feeling of warmth beneath your feet. Having this kind of heating system, you do not ever need to suffer with freezing toes again.

Low Maintenance

After the underfloor heating system has been installed, there’s really relatively little you, as the property owner, will need to carry out in order to service it regardless of whether you choose a water-based or electric powered system.

Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Your Home

Due to their high-energy efficiency, underfloor systems are an extremely good choice for eco-home builders. Find out more about this page.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Company

Exceptionally Qualified And Expert Underfloor Heating Installers In Longsight

Here at Underfloor Heating Manchester (We call ourselves UHM for short 🙂 ), we have expert installers with the required prior experience and skills that can design and execute underfloor heating of any scale. Individuals who require an underfloor heating specialist for either residential installs or large commercial properties can easily count on us to help.

Leading Products In The Industry

The goal here at UHM, is to only apply well-known products in the industry in our installation jobs. By doing this our team can guarantee you excellent quality, provided by industry leading brands that are durable and trusted. We obtain materials that have over time delivered us the absolute best results, and with companies providing excellent manufacturer’s warranty on their materials.

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Specialists In All Styles Of Underfloor Heating Units

Our team skilfully install and service all kinds of underfloor heating systems. Our preferred brand names include Allbrite, Invisible Heating, Ecohome, Florad, Heat-Matt, Robben, Warm Up and Nu Heat. Having said that, there is no underfloor heating system our experts are unfamiliar with.

Always Perfect Installation

Our installers don’t ever make mistakes! Our secret is to employ the services of specialists who take their work very seriously. Every single element of your underfloor heating system is reviewed immediately after work has been undertaken in order to make sure the installation is error-free.

Underfloor Heating Repairs In Longsight

Most plumbers and tradesmen do not feel comfortable working with underfloor heating systems so this is where our team come in as underfloor heating repair specialists.

Our company provide a repair service to those who are experiencing underfloor heating system issues or have had a negative experience with an installer who has left without completing the job. Our experts will visit your residential or commercial property, take a thorough examination of the system and hear your experiences in order to get the system back up to full working order in no time! For those in Longsight, read more regarding Longsight (wikipedia link).

One of the most regular problems our team uncover are electrical wiring problems, areas not warming up, air locked pipes and worn out pumps. These are all matters that may be quite easily fixed.

We would like to reassure you that in 99% of cases, the issue with your underfloor heating unit is normally above ground. Even if the worst comes to the worst and you have a small issue beneath the floor it’s not the end of the world and our experts can easily help to resolve it.

Underfloor Heating Servicing In Longsight

Bearing in mind that underfloor heating units hardly require servicing, some situations may possibly require your attention to help keep your system well maintained.


The pressure should be examined periodically in order to guarantee even circulation of heat. You might need to refill the system with water when the winter sets in in order to reduce the chances of uneven circulation of heat.

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles in the bleed valves want to be checked for since these cause non-circulation of water on the floor, which can lead to the water not warming up effectively.

Leakage And Blockage

If refilling your system with water is a regular occurrence, then it may mean that there is a water leak. If this is the case, one of two things is required – tightening the fittings or dismantling the manifold in order to change the seals and washers.

In the case that the system is blocked in any way, it will need to get flushed out.

Ever-Ready Dedicated Team Of Experts In Longsight

If you find any one of these situations, feel free to get in touch with our professionals at UHM for a fast check up, we will be happy to help.

Underfloor Heating Maintenance In Longsight

Underfloor heating systems are made to work free of maintenance for many years, making them user-friendly for very busy families. It does make good sense, nonetheless, to undertake regular maintenance checks in order to head off any kind of major problems that could possibly develop. Although it’s very easy to forget the needs of your underfloor heating unit during the warm months, families or businesses using this sort of system really should run it for about half an hour every month during the course of the summer season. This will lower the possibility of the circulating valves and pumps sticking.

UHM provides routine maintenance plans with regard to both wet and electrical underfloor heating systems. Our experts will work with you to undertake regular checks whenever it is convenient for you. Our company are professionals at carrying out system prognosis. You can count on our team to balance your underfloor heating system and book in any required repair work.

Underfloor Heating Installers In Longsight

We utilise a person-to-person approach with every one of our clients, supplying as much help as needed. Also, our clients are provided with expert advice, ensuring that they gain from all our services. This means that our clients are equipped with the relevant information in order to select the best heating system for their requirements.

underfloor heating warmth manchester

Our qualified installers can provide you with a comprehensive service including planning, maintenance and instalment. Our experts will take the required steps to complete your system, utilising a perfect liquid screed application, regardless of whether you go for the wet or electrical system. Grab more details about Underfloor Heating In Manchester, UK.

Your finished floor surface choice which you place over our systems, is completely up to you. Just ask us, our team are able to work with any kind of flooring. Regardless of whether your project is the smallest or the biggest, we are able to supply you with a brilliantly installed underfloor heating system. Look at some of the Longsight based Radiant Underfloor Heating on yell.com.

With a team of the greatest underfloor heating specialists, you just need to call UHM as soon as you next require help with underfloor heating in Longsight. Whether you need small residential installs or heating for big business premises, we can adequately carry out any type of underfloor heating installation. Underfloor Heating Longsight

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems In Longsight

Whether it be for a kitchen, bathroom, conservatory – or any space in your residential property, our electrical underfloor heating units deliver the entire solution generating the perfect comfort zone throughout any environment. These systems put you in full control with a wide range of control options. And what’s more, you’ll find it makes perfect sense through helping you to save money, while at the same time giving health and environmental benefits.

With all of our electric systems, the floor structure is gradually warmed evenly across (typically 23-26°C) in order to generate a sizeable radiant surface. Upon contact with this surface area, individuals and objects absorb the heat energy expended without it directly heating up the air first. As a result, this means that there is zero loss of air quality in that area. The result is that you enjoy toasty feet, real cosiness, and a cool clear head!

Although our electric underfloor heating systems may be installed on your own, we encourage choosing one of our knowledgeable specialists who are qualified electricians. Our objective is to ensure that the finished result is an underfloor heating system which is unrivalled with regard to efficiency, usage and the high quality of its components. Underfloor Heating Longsight

Wet vs Dry Underfloor Heating Systems In Longsight

Underfloor heating systems can be a brilliant option to heat your home or commercial property, however, one choice you need to make is whether to choose a dry or wet system. In short, do you prefer an electric powered underfloor heating unit or one with plumbing and pipes?

There is not a one-size-fits-all answer. So let us take you through just some of the benefits and drawbacks of each style of underfloor heating system:

Wet Systems – Pros

• Very efficient to run and works at low temperature levels.
• Most ideal for use together with heat pumps in order to achieve remarkable performance.

Wet Systems – Cons

• Installation expenses are considerably high.
• The savings in contrast to radiators do not make it economical.
• Water pipes are hard to reach if there are any problems.

Electric Systems – Pros

• Fairly affordable to install.
• No pipework – uncomplicated installation.
• Easily installed on top floors.

Electric Systems – Cons

• Very pricey to run.
• Placement of furniture and heavy objects must be done cautiously.

Should You Pick Dry or Wet Underfloor Heating?

This honestly does depend upon your circumstances, but if you are on the gas grid or ready to choose a heat pump, then wet underfloor heating is a clear winner, especially for long term payback.

Electrical underfloor heating systems can still be beneficial as an added heating system in order to keep the washroom floor toasty for example, but it really should not be used as a main heating system unless you fall under a pretty distinct category.

Commercial Underfloor Heating In Longsight

Our team supply commercial underfloor heating units for organisations throughout Longsight.

While it is more and more considered ‘desirable’ amongst property owners, thus helping property developers to promote large-scale residential property developments, it is at the same time being increasingly deemed attractive in commercial applications. For example, hotels, day spas, offices and academic institutions. Consequently, there is evidently a real opportunity for building added value into a property portfolio or high-spec property development.



If you are an engineer, designer, developer or business owner needing a business underfloor heating system to design, prepare and execute promptly and on budget, our team have the solutions.

From warehouse units to colleges, to healthcare to huge residential developments, Underfloor Heating Manchester can help you produce a highly effective commercial heating system.

There’s No Need for Screed!

Existing business buildings can also take advantage of underfloor heating too. The conventional technique of putting in underfloor heating pipes onto an insulation foundation and covering with screed could be used however, this can end up being a disruptive and time-consuming installation.

Other systems exist within the marketplace that can avoid this for example, overlay heating systems, which may be laid directly onto existing floors in a much quicker time-frame and don’t require a screed finish.

Underfloor Heating Engineers In Longsight

hot water system heating LongsightOur professional installers offer a comprehensive service from planning, design and installation of either wet or electrical systems. Afterwards it is completed with a flawless liquid screed application all ready for you to cover with the flooring of your choice.

The engineers at UHM, are undeniably experts in their industry. Each and every engineer is highly certified. They undertake weeks of training and assessment, and their performance is audited every week. Every one of our engineers is enrolled with Gas Safe, thus you can be sure you are in excellent hands when you hire an expert from our expert team.

Our company operate this professional service all around Longsight and with hundreds of installations under our wing and a whole team of experienced and time served electricians, plumbers and joiners, there is genuinely no better choice for you. Irrespective of how large or small the project, you’ll obtain a perfectly designed and installed underfloor heating system for your future residential property or commercial project with UHM.

We service not only Longsight, but also; Rusholme, Ardwick, Fallowfield, Levenshulme, Moss Side, Hulme, Ancoats, Clayton, Burnage, Manchester

Underfloor Heating Longsight
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