Do you have a home built on piers? We can show you how to avoid cold and draughty floors and keep your family snug and warm by putting in this easy-to-install, but extremely effective product from CSR Bradford.

Optimo Underfloor insulation Polished timber floors are very popular at the moment because they look so stylish, warm and inviting. But am sure you do know that looks can be deceiving at times.


If your home is on piers and you don’t have insulation, your flooring material is the only thing between you, and the elements.

Bradford Optimo Underfloor provides a barrier that reduces heat loss and helps prevent draughts. With this, you will be a saving a whole lot on your energy bills.

As you’ll see on the pack, Optimo is made in in Australia to suit Australian conditions by Bradford. They’ve been manufacturing and supplying insulation for over 80 years so there’s not much they don’t know about building size and energy efficiency and they’re backed by CSR, the name behind some of Australia’s most trusted building products.

hqdefault.jpgOptimo has been installed in thousands of homes, and it’s made from up to 80 percent recycled glass. More so, it’s the only underfloor insulation that is an approved partner of the National Asthma Council’s Ssensitive Choice program, so Optimo is suitable for use in the homes of asthma and allergy sufferers.

Optimo is also the highest rated underfloor insulation for suspended floors. Speaking of which, I think it is time for you to learn how this installation is done. I will be describing retrofit – fitting Optimo insulation, which is installed below an existing floor.

Perhaps, you want to install Optimo in a new build, you can check out our subsequent articles. This DIY installation of Optimo is really easy, but before you begin there are a few things you’ll need to organise.

Firstly, work out the area you need to cover in square metres, then go online to our handy calculator at optimoinsulation.com.au It makes estimating how many packs you’ll need simple.

Secondly, you’ll need to measure the space between your floor joists so you know which width Optimo to buy and find out the height of the floor joists while you’re at it.

So now it’s time to get off the computer and start measuring. Make sure you switch off the power at the fuse box before you start. For 450 millimetre centres, buy 415 millimetre wide Optimo. For 600 millimetre centres, get 565 millimetre wide Optimo. To do the job right, you’ll need these tools:

  • A torch
  • tape measure
  • retractable knife
  • If you’re going to use Optimo Straps, you’ll need a hammer and nails, or a cordless drill and self-tapping screws.

When you’re ready to start, take enough packs into the under floor area for the whole job. If your access or workspace is restricted, you may want to make it a 2-person job.

It’s best to start fitting at the furthest point away from your entrance and work your way back. You can just friction-fit the insulation between the joists. If it seems too tight, just trim the edge to 5 millimetres over the width of the space.

install-underfloor-heating-tiles-manchesterIf it is too loose, slice the edge off another piece to use as a packer. To make sure it’s really secure, you should use Optimo StayFast brackets or Optimo Straps. Fix them to the timber joists every 500 millimetres, swiveled so they run parallel.

Now, simply friction-fit the insulation snugly between the joists, and press them into place to ensure there are no gaps between the underside of the floor, the joists, or at the ends. When it’s all in place, swivel the straps around 90 degrees, and bend them upwards to support the insulation. Then give the fixing a little extra tighten.

Our other support option is this clever little StayFast Brack and it does exactly as the name suggests. Friction-fit the insulation tightly between the joists.

Remove the adhesive backing, align it to the bottom of the insulation, and with a little pressure, stick it to the side of the joist, 300 millimetres in, from each end. It really is that fast.

FYI! Make sure your insulation doesn’t block any ventilation openings. Electrical wiring or equipment that is covered by insulation, partially or completely, could over-heat or fail, so please ask an electrician about it.

Research has shown that Optimo Underfloor also provides superior acoustic performance. Not only does it help reduce noise entering your home from outside, it also dampens the sound of foot traffic, and gives your floors a more solid feel.

Here’s another great feeling, the peace of mind you get from knowing that Optimo comes with a whopping 70 year product performance warranty. Your family will feel more comfortable and you will save money and energy all year round, for many years to come.

Install Bradford Optimo – the ultimate underfloor insulation and keep warmth where you want it.

How To Install Optimo Underfloor Insulation ln An Existing Home
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