Winter is inevitable, and when it comes around, it brings cold wind. Do you have adequate measures in place to keep your home warm during these cold months? If you don’t, then you need to install underfloor insulation batts.

Right here in this article, you’ll learn all you need to know on how to install glasswall batts in the sub-floor in between your floor joists.

underfloor-heating-manchester-eastTo do this, you will be needing certain tools: a tape measure, knife, pair of scissors, gloves, stapler, and the strappings which will used for holding the glasswall batts underneath the floor.

To begin the installation of glass wall batts, you will have to sit them in between the floor joists and the big openings. Although they won’t stay there on their own, so what you need to do is install the webbing with the stapler.

After stapling the webbing underneath the floor joists, it gives the batts a strong and firm stand to sit on. The trick to installing this webbing is to keep it tight when you’re stapling. So when you putting the straps in, you need to make sure that you are no more than 200 mil away from the end of the batts.

Remember, your first strap should be at least 200 mil from the end of the batts. Each of your batt should have at least three of these in there holding it up.

Try as much as possible to put a few more in there so that you don’t get any sag. More so, try to be as close as possible. This webbing isn’t all that expensive, and it’s well worth putting a few extra ones in.

This is just a process that you repeat over and over. Once you have completed a full length of the floor joists, the next thing is to put your batts in. After you must have put all your webbing underneath the floor joists and stapled them underneath, it is finally time to put the batts in.

hydronic-underfloor-heating-manchesterThey come in as a compressed roll, meaning that they will be quite tight when you receive them. You need to open them up, and they’ll expand, ready to use. When installing the batts, just make sure you fluff them up a little bit. It’s crucial that you keep them up nice and tight. If you happen to have gaps in there, it will reduce the R-value of the insulation properties of the batts.

So when you’re putting them in, keep them nice and tight, nice and snug, no gaps. Once you’ve put all the main large batts into position, you can cut some little in-fill pieces for small spaces. You will have to cut each piece out so it’s nice and firm. It’s touching on all four faces, especially up against the existing batts.

What you be needing to do this is only a pair of scissors, which you will use to line up your cut, fit it in nice and snug. So as you can see, this is quite an easy job. You can do this yourself. It has increased the thermal properties of the floor. That’s how you install glass wall insulation in your floor.

How To Install Underfloor Insulation Batts
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