Today we will be installing the warmboard underfloor heating system. Ensure that the floor is level and that all debris has been cleared. For this installation process, ensure that you have your warmboard and end support layout plans. These plans will show you exactly where to place the end supports within the room and where you’ll need to snap the end support sections, which are already on the end support. There’s absolutely no guesswork as the end support has multiple fixing points we can use.installing-underfloor-heating-mats-manchester-east

Just take note of the specific floor type in your home; wood floors may require pilot holes, and concrete floors will need raw plugs. Fit the in supports slot together really easily using the interlocking connections. In some areas you may need to cut down the end support. Simply need to cut down the excess and flex until the support snaps. Continue fixing these to the floor according to your plan.

In the same fashion, take your first warmboard and bring it up against the first two end supports, checking that all the channels are aligned. Use a brush to clean the edge that the second board will be installed against. Take your second board and clean all edges. Run a three millimeter bead of glue along the edge of the second board and push it up against the first warmboard using a small cut of pipe to line up the channels.

underfloor-heating-manchesterMake sure you remove any excess glue from the boards. When you reach the last board, you may need to cut the panel down. Measure the gap that is left and mark using a pencil. Use a strike rule when cutting the warmboards. You must be in a well-ventilated area using safety goggles and masks. When you come to the second row, arrange the boards so they form a brick-like pattern. Repeat this process until the desired area is covered. All unheated areas will need a board of equal thickness to level the floor.

Now that all the boards are down, the next step is to install pipe into the system. Your pipe layout design provided will give you all the information you need. Run the connecting pipe through the end supports to the area where your circuit begins. Feed the pipes into the warmboard channels, ensuring the pipe is not protruding from the board.

Your circuit should come to an end back at the manifold location. You can cut the pipe here, but make sure you have enough to reach to the manifold connections. You can now fit pipes to the manifold connections. To do this, place a euro cornice on the pipe and insert the euro fitting into the manifold and tighten the nut. Repeat this for all the manifold connections.

Now you’re ready to fill the system. Attach hose pipes to both of the drain off valves. The flow hose should be attached to a mains water tap. Open the first circuit flow meter and begin to purge the circuit until all air has been removed. Once you’re certain there is no air left in the circuit, close the decorators cap first, then the flow meter. Continue this process until all the circuits are clear of air.

To pressurize the system, we bring it up to 3 bar and hold for 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes the underfloor heating system shows no leaks, increase the pressure to 6 bar and hold for one hour. If this holds, return the system to normal system pressure. Your warmboard underfloor heating installation is now complete and you can proceed to fit the rest of the floor. Warmboard is suitable for virtually all floor finishes. Please ask the manufacturer on how to install them if you’re unsure of the proper installation method.

Installing the Warmboard Underfloor Heating System
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