Thermolam Manchester Electric Heating Mats

Today we’re going to be looking at Thermolam, under laminate or underwood heating mats for your home. The Thermolam sheets sit between the wooden floor and the insulation/underlay (such as Depron foam), which we’ll be looking at later, then sits on the floor base like concrete.

So, there’s no glue, no mess, no plastics, you just lay these things out, which any home DIY-er could do relatively easily! So, lets take a look what you get in the box. When my Thermolam arrived I got it from Ambient Electrical and it came with sheets of tape to take the Thermolam down to the installation, an instruction leaflet and then the Thermolam box itself.

laying-underfloor-heating-tiles-manchesterAnd if I open the box (a bit tricky one handed) inside there’s a roll of Thermolam mat. Note, if you get yours from Ambient Electrical, the guys on the phone are super-helpful with any issues you’ve got! In addition to the mat you also get included attached with the elastic band, some small sticky metalic sheets which I’ll show you what we do with later, they’re for the installation.

But that’s about it for everything you get in the box with one of the kits. In addition, I bought some XPS foam underlay or Depron foam, which comes in 5 mm thicknesses and I’ve actually put two layers down on my concrete floor. It’s fairly flexible foam and prevents the cold coming up into the laminate and prevents the heat you generate on the Thermolam floor going down into the concrete – it all goes up instead! Let’s look at the Thermolam mats.

Make sure you pay attention to the “this side up” sticker and obviously make sure that visible when you roll your matter out onto your floor. And just double check that the wires themselves are facing down so you know you got it the right way. I just lifted the corner there to check.

To lay the mat you roll it out along the floor, and when you want to turn a corner and come back the other way you locate an area where the wires have a gap and just slice up very carefully with sharp scissors the through the mat. When you get right to the end just be careful that you don’t clip that wire!

You cannot cut the wire on any of this installation! It comes as one long roll which you can’t lengthen or shorten, so when you buy the mat you have to buy it exactly the right size! So then what you do when you’ve got the hole is you slide the mat, twist it around 180 degrees and then you carry on rolling out the rest of the floor.

Stick that down with the orange tape provided. And then on the joins where the exposed wires are showing youstick those oil metallic pieces over each join. Once it’s all down you can’t really walk on it so I suggest laying some boards over the Thermolam, to prevent any problems as you go on and install the whole floor.

install-underfloor-heating-tiles-manchesterThe foil sheets will have a power cable which you want to bury down and cut out some of the Depron, to take to the edge of the wall and then go right around the edge of the wall and take it round to get to your power source which your electrician will need to connect up to fuse spur. At the same time you might want to install your floor probe. This will come with your wall thermostat I’m using NeoStat-E from Heatmiser in this case. Again you want to bury those down between two pieces as matting.

Tape them down so nice and secure and then put them all the way up ready for when your electrician connects the thermostat. And that’s about it really. It’s fairly simple for underfloor heating and mess-free. If any issues, I would definitely recommend ringing the guys at, they’ve been massively helpful for me when I installed my system If you wanna see what this looks like when it’s connected to a Heatmiser NeoStat-e thermostat, then click the video above or go to

Thermolam Underfloor Electric Heating Mats
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